Lit Handler

Destiny Padgett here, self-taught entrepreneur, beauty school dropout and founder of Lit Handlers.

I started my first baby boutique in 2010, learning the ropes of business bit by bit, selling at trade shows and flea markets, alongside doing lash extensions and permanent cosmetics.

In 2013, my parents gave me a Silhouette machine for Christmas which ultimately  changed the course of my business. I no longer wanted to sell the things that anyone could get and everyone already had, so I started an Etsy store. I was creating designs that said "born & raised" in the shape of all of the US states.
The amount of orders from the website was keeping me so busy, I stopped messing with vinyl completely and changed my name from "Born & Raised" shirts to "Blank Can Coolers". This is when the "Lit Handlers" of today began to take place.
At heart, we are about providing stand-out Handlers with cool designs that fit just about any type of beverage for just about any occasion but we are so incredibly grateful for the support that we receive.