Meet the Owner

My life-long dream has always been focused on helping women learn to love and express themselves through style, clothing, jewelry and accessories. I finally decided to step out and make her dream a reality. In early 2000, the Sassy Trendz Boutique had its start with a small clothing booth that I set up on the weekends in the parking lot of the business where she worked. I eventually expanded my business by setting up a booth in various trade shows in the area. After several years of hard work, I was able to open my first brick and mortar location in 2008. I continued working tirelessly to grow my business in the community until things came to a screeching halt. In 2015, I found myself at rock bottom after having my storefront for 7 years. My business had gradually slowed down over a period of time and the financial strain had taken a great toll on the boutique, on me personally and on my family. I was at the point of exhaustion from putting up the facade that my business was flourishing when, in fact, it was falling apart. On one particular evening, I was desperately crying out to God about the pressure I was under when I heard Him ask these two simple questions: “Do you trust Me? Do you not have faith in Me?” It was at that point I realized the source of my problem. I had shifted my attention to being focused solely on my business rather than being focused completely on God as my source! It was during this season that I learned one of my most valuable lessons - to trust God in EVERY circumstances in every area of my life! It had become so easy to get caught up in the exciting things of the world that I lost sight of who I was and who He is! From that moment on, I made the decision to put God first in every single area of my life. I pray and waits to hear from God for every business decision. Since I has made God my first priority, my business has flourished beyond reasoning. I am able to not only share those blessings with my family and friends but also with those around me in the community. My life is a testimony to my personal mission statement: “I pray that you know you are beautiful, you are loved, you are enough! Jeremiah 31:3” My team and I are absolutely #womenonamission. I am happily married to my wonderful husband Eric and they live with their two beautiful daughters Alexis 20 and Mallori 12.